Krishna Janmashtami Utsav

Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on the day when Lord Krishna, the Eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu took birth on this earth at mid night 12 o'clock. This festival is also celebrated with great joy in the temple. The whole temple is decorated with colourful flowers and lighting. The actual celebration of Krishna Janmashtami takes place during midnight as it is believed that Lord Krishna was born on a dark, stormy and windy night. In the whole of India, it is celebrated with devotional songs, people keep the fast whole day, the temple is decorated beautifully dedicated to the life journey of Krishna. Then Lord Krishna’s ‘Jhanki’ is also created and decorated with beautiful flowers. The preachers narrate enchanting stories of Lord Krishna to the devotees. The idol of Lord Krishna is anointed by Panchamrit (milk, curd, sugar, ghee, honey) and Saligram is anointed with ved mantra. After worshiping Lord Krishna, he is then seated in the cradle. Then devotees are greeted by prasad (sweets). With great joy and enthusiasm, the aarti of the Lord Krishna is performed with Veda Mantra and Vadya yantras. Panjiri and sweets are distributed to all the devotees as Prasad.